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nt." Dempster said the satellite, ◆which makes "perfectly secure" communications possible, had previously only been possible◆ in the theoretical realm, which China's scientists have now made a reality. China's spa◆ce program was another aspect of the scieQ

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nce and technology surge that had Dempster excit◆3

ed, with the space mission late last year witnessing two Chinese astronauts return from s◆pace after a 33 day stay on the Tiangong-2 space lab, demonstrating China's strong space ◆program. "It was very impressive that the astronauts were able to stay up there for oney

◆month," Dempster said. "It is evideH

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nt that the Chinese space program is in a very heag

lth◆y state." Dempster attributes part of China's strong growth in science to education, wit◆h significant progress being made in not only sending students abroad to study, but throu◆gh partnerships with global universities, partnerships that saw Dempster himself tem

ach in◆ China. "Twice I've been to Be8

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ijing to run courses on satellite navigation at Beu

ihang Un◆iversity," Dempster said. The commitment to education, Dempster said, occurs not only at◆ the university level, but is supported by the work done by the Chinese Government to nur◆ture the burgeoning sector. "There is a good recognition at the top level of g5

overnment ◆of the value of the knowle4

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    dge economy," Dempster said. "When you have commitment at the ◆government level to developing science, a good commitment to STEM (Science, Technology, E◆ngineering, Mathematics)3

    in high schools and junior schools bodes very well for the progr◆ess of science." In terms of the future, Dempster envisions evU

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    en further progress by sci◆entists in China, and believes China based researchers may receive the highest global rec◆ognition for their rapid advancements. "I don't see any reash

    on why a Chinese scientist w◆ould not win a Nobel Prize," Dempster said. "China has shown strong commitment to the de◆velopmex

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    nt of science. I see only positive developments for science in China for at least ◆the next decade."By Ren Junhua, professor and doctorial tutor with the Party School of the ◆CPO

    C Central CommitteeBejing hosted three top-level science conferences on◆ May 30 that would boost China to become a leading glH

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